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Hangzhou Wellforce Equipmennt Machinery Co.,Ltd is the forklifts and warehouse equipment suppliers in Hangzhou China.
With over 10 years of experience in the materials handling industry we believe we have the knowledge and skill to really understand our customers requirements and adapt to their changing needs.

We offer a “One Stop Solution Service” including a full range of new forklifts ,warehouse equipments and accessories for sales,tailored service package and fast delivery.The key ingredient of the wellforce ethos is QUALITY service support!

We are sure that once you get to know us,you will not miss the opportunity to establish a satisfactory business relationship for both parties.

Wellforce Products range:

* Forklift Truck: 1.5-48.0T Diesel Forklift, 1.5-7.0T LPG Forklift, 1.0-16.0T Electric Forklift, 2.5-5.0T Rough Terrain Forklift.
* Reach Truck:1.2-2T Seated type Reach truck,1.5-2.5T Stand-on Reach Truck.

* Electric Pallet Truck: 1.5-3.5T, DC/AC motor,Lead-acid & Lithium-ion battery.

* Electric Stacker: 1.0-2.0T, DC/AC motor,Lead-acid & Lithium-ion battery.

* Tow Tractor: Electric Tow Tractor, Diesel Tow Tractor.

* Accessories: Spare Parts, Forklift Attachment.

No.2098 HeZhuangNan Road XiaoShan Airport economic area,HangZhou ,China.

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