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Drive Axle

Made in China, Factory-customized, heavy-duty master reducer, pneumatic brake system.

Hydraulic System

Multi-hydraulic valve make it easy to operate. Load sensor hydraulic system, dual pumps supply, dynamic load sensor priority valve, reduce power consumption, lower the hydraulic oil temperature.


Imported gear-box, multi-stage torque converter, big converter ratio, wide range of auto-adjust speed; stable and smooth shift, 2 stage forward and 1 stage backward, easy operation and maintenance.


The combined chassis structure provide the high intensity and low weight feature, increase the cooling area of the oil tank greatly

Steering System

Factoryu-made crosswise steering axle; The steering with load sensor and adjustable steering device make the operation easily.

Power System

The customer can choose Cummins turbo 6 cylinder engine or Yuchai engine which according with the GB3 Emission Regulation, high performance, low oil consumption, low speed with high torque, great capacity cooler.

Technical Specification:
Load capacity:12,000kg-32,000kg       
Lift height:0-7000mm   
Drive type:Diesel   

Technical Specification:
Auto transimission:Chinese brand
Tire:Pneumatic,solid tire,non-marking tire,front dual tire etc
Attachment:side shifter,fork positioner etc